Zoey loses to Nando in the finals. Ash and his friends receive a request from a young woman named Teresa who wants to borrow Ash’s Pikachu. Paul ends up winning against Ash which makes Ash upset. Paul challenges Ash to a battle for the first time. Dawn and Jessie challenge each other in the final round, but Aipom manages to defeat Pachirisu and Jessie wins many bunches of bananas. Somewhere in between, she bumps into an elder man, later revealed to be Professor Rowan. Ash attempts to train his Starly.

I mean, the 3 humans and Pokemon feel so close this season, like one big dysufunctional family. Paul’s Elekid evolves into Electabuzz. Escape from the Nightmare!! May and Max have departed, and Ash and Brock meet a new coordinator named Dawn, who travels with them through Sinnoh and enters Pokemon Contests. Decisive Battle with Rampard!! The two later find out that Nando is skilled and undecided about whether to challenge Gyms or Contests, causing Ash and Dawn to try to persuade him to challenge their preferred competitions.

The battle ends in a tie, yet Ash feels like he lost. She wants to battle him; however, he turns down her request and asks Ash to have a battle instead. DaxSep 14, CopyPaste from Bulbagarden reply This was definitely worth the trouble getting this episode.

Ash and his friends receive a request from a young woman named Teresa who wants to borrow Ash’s Pikachu. Ash and friends encounter a stray Hippopotas. It rocked with the two game songs at the end of the ep, with the Route,song playing almost completely and with the route Route , playing. Buizel is fighthing with Piplup and Pachi gets emotional and shocks everyone. Still it’s a great episode to watch especially since it’s fun to watch all of the pokemons interact with each other.


Ash and Dawn end up fighting each other and they lose the match. I’m not sure why, but that’s one’s opinion Paul then gives his to Ash, claiming that he has no need for it. Paul defeats and catches it, indicating that the Ursaring was worth capturing. Paul’s Elekid evolves into Electabuzz.

514 Pokemon A Maze ing Race!

Meanwhile, Team Rocket plans to steal Happiny. Share This Page Tweet. Then seeing Paul, Ash and him argue, then a kid approaches Paul and thanks him for giving him the Azumarill that Paul used in the battle. GaiashSep 15, Diamond and Pearl Battle Dimension aired on Jetix from September 6,airing a new episode every day at 6pm.

Ash and his friends meet Mira, a mysterious young girl, and her Abra. No, create an account now. Be sure to join the discussion on our discord at: Ash uses Aipom, Turtwig, and Pikachu. However, on their way to the village, Aipom falls off the cliff while playing and is saved by Jessie of Team Rocket. Ash knocks down Team Rocket’s hot-air balloon, which had captured Pikachu, with Episoe.

But before they leave, Aipom rejoins Ash. Team Rocket captures Episoed. This episode was awesome with out Shinji. Adventures in Unova BW: The series began regularly airing in the United States on June 4, and ended with the fifty-first and final episode of season ten, “Smells Like Team Spirit”, first aired on Cartoon Network on February 1, They learn about teamwork and win the re-match.


Buneary and Happiny are arguing. Somewhere in between, she bumps into an elder man, later revealed to be Professor Rowan.

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Ash meanwhile, was being entranced multiple times after looking at the glowing horns of a herd of Stantler, giving him many horrible illusions. I do agree this is the first time it feels that all the pokemons and the humans are a big family. Piplup used a eposode that Dawn was teaching it to win the contest. Turtwig carries Pikachu away. MechaBulbaSep 16, And x more stuff to get the team reunited. But Team Rocket tries to steal the strongest Magikarp and the most beautiful Feebas.

SparkleoSep 15, Rac the Bipper Village!! No Need to Worry in a Tag Battle!? Archived from the original on Other English-speaking nations largely followed either this order or the Japanese order. After perfecting Aerial Ace, it evolves into Staravia.

Adventures in Unova and Beyond. I would’ve liked to see more Sudowoodo though. Korobooshi KojiroSep 16,