Mike decides to go organic and get hold of some mushrooms. Star Wars, Clone Wars, animated series season 1 volume 1. Fmrl , Mar 2, Mrs Browns Boys may appeal to some, but I would prefer to see this type of up to the moment sit-com, haven’t felt so satisfied and humoured since Friends or Cheers. Pramface is like one of those sad hanger-on kids to the cool kids that is inbetweeners. Then the big question is will she have the baby or not.

The whole evening however should serve to bring Laura and Jamie closer. I have to admit though, series 1 is incredibly funny compared to 3, but still like the whole teenage pregnancy TV show idea. Seeing Sandra getting cosy with her boss Ian leads Keith to suspect an affair though she explains that she is flirting to get extra hours because of Keith’s unemployment. Hope this little quiet sit-com continues. However Fiona tumbles to the fact that Laura has a child and lets her leave work early. Yet your review makes me curious enough to check this out.

Nothing revolutionary, but funny, and a good story.

Pramface Series 3 Episode 2

So can a female predator, self-defined, find happiness with a underage father from the wrong side of the tracks. Way to go to everyone in the cast! Notify me of new comments via email. Drop image files here or click to upload. Hoping there is a twist in season 3 with Laura and Jamie’s relationship, which there probably will be as they need to make the story more spoilwrs.


Jul 19, at 3: Gossip Girl season six.

Belated Review: Pramface Series One

A TV series from one of the smaller TV channels, and one that is definitely a step above average. An intelligent sit-com at last, refreshingly new cast, with fast funny humour.

Keith and Jamie are still bereft about their job prospects, but Jamie is soon offered a painting and decorating job in which he wears revealing clothing and is clearly eye-candy for a bunch of middle-aged women. Yes, my password is: Mike decides to go organic and get hold of some mushrooms. None of the actors have an ounce of comedy in them bar Angus Deaton.

Batman2Jan 6, He goes on an accelerated journey of self-discovery. Jan 14, Messages: Sign in to vote. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The characters are in an emotionally heightened situation, and behave as slightly heightened but believable characters. But having said that, I found the situations and character funny, and cared about them as people.

They are attending marriage guidance though the fact that Janet phones in her contributions does not bode well for the sessions. The cast is spectacular.

It has been the only programme worth watching spoileers any channel in the last 12 months and lit up our week. Tisdale has a real magnificence in these. I watch every episode and scream at the TV at how bad it is, I can’t seem to stop. Season 2 Season 2. I find this series as way above average if not viewed too often.


Jan 9, at 5: Mar 11, at 1: Free full episode available. Magical Mike – Pramface – Series 2 Episode 1 I am in my early 30’s and find myself relating to some of the instances in the show.

An amusing and compelling sitcom, with a strong central plot. I pramfaec seeing the ads, but forget to series link it. This episode has certainly moved away from its core focus. I also like the idea of that one friend who thinks he doing right and thinks he is really cool when really, he just makes everything worse and make light of every situation.

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Anxious to belong, Laura takes Emily to the park but gets mugged by the chav mothers. Danielle persuades Laura to attend a university dance in Edinburgh with her and introduces her to her friend Francesca.

Who hasn’t done that? Again, I’m just grateful to feel less alone, and enjoy the comedy and serious nature of the show all mix in! Just Two People with a Kid.