Next morning, Pratik visits Aarti’s house. Vidhi requests Shobha to bring Aarti. Shobha shares her happiness with Aarti and decides to distribute sweets. Payal tells Yash that Palak fears that their step-mother would ill-treat them. Aarti is left shocked when she sees Yash dancing with the female dancer. Aarti, however, refuses to relent and states that she was happy with her son and would continue to fulfill all his demands and be a mother and father to him.

Punar Vivaah – Episode 12 – Full Episode. They state that a woman was challenging them. Palak and Payal share their apprehension with Yash. Ansh complains to Aarti about Palak. Vidhi gives credit to Pratik for convincing Yash. She adds that Yash has to accept Aarti as his wife. After the ceremony, the families rejoice.

When she asks Pratik to leave, he refuses and states that he would not leave until Satyendra returns the money. Mansi tries to cheer Aarti and tells her that she was looking good and she must not get scared. Aarti gets worried when she sees Ansh fighting and so rushes inside. At that time, he is opposite a certain Caf Delight and asks Shobha to tell Aarti to meet him there.

Punar Vivaah – Zindagi Milegi Dobara

Shobha, however, is unconvinced with Satyendra’s decision. Before leaving, Yash’s father keeps Aarti’s photograph on the table but Yash does not look at it. The duo also shows Aarti the ring which they purchased for Yash.


After Aarti leaves, Shobha decides to reveal the truth to Aarti at the venue. Mansi tries to convince Aarti to get remarried. When Mansi learns about it, she tries to instigate Aarti against Yash. Yash is a widower while Aarti is a divorcee. Pankaj is eldest son of the family and a diabetic patient. Shobha requests Gayatri not to change Aarti’s name. Pratik had epiisode that he would not marry until Yash gets married again.

Aarti feels uncomfortable when Pratik compels her to hold Yash’s hand.

When the Ticket Collector asks her for the tickets, Aarti is unable to give a proper answer. At that time, Pratik, Paridi, Vidhi and Prashant, who were also shopping in the mall, see the duo but decide not to disturb them. Aarti gets stunned on hearing it. She argues that she her own identity would be lost in the bargain. Yash is left in a dilemma and is unable to decide whether to remarry or remain ;unarvivah.

At that time, Shobha arrives along with Aarti. With a heavy heart, Shobha sternly questions Prashant why he called them up. Yash gets emotional, when Palak questions him whether he miss Arpita. Shobha is worried how they would convince Aarti to get married on that fateful day. They also underestimate Aarti and state that she can never complete the race. Vidhi requests Shobha to bring Aarti. She requests Vimla and punarviva other dpisode to go out in the lawn for the jaymala ceremony.


Satyendra and Shobha get shocked when they see Aarti. When Aarti refuses to accompany the duo, Mansi tries to convince her. During the haldi ceremony, Aarti gets surprised when Arpita’s mother gifts her bangles, which belonged to Arpita.

Punarvivah Episode – 24th October – Comedy Nights With Kapil

When Pratik learns about it, he expresses desire to accompany Pankaj. Yash follows Aarti in the lawn but the duo does not speak to each other. She tells Aarti that she would not allow her to work as it was her engagement episdoe.

Arpita’s mother states that Aarti does not want her to perform her kanyadaan. Ansh feels happy when Yash helps Aarti and restarts her scooty. At that time Ansh returns home from the school.

Punar Vivaah – Episode 13 – Full Episode. When they return home, Shobha and Satyendra apologize to Aarti. Meanwhile, Mr Shukla welcomes Vijay and his family. Yash, however, is lunarvivah on his decision and states that nobody would ever take his wife, Arpita’s position in his life.

Ansh blames Aarti for losing the race.