Chou Kousoku Gran Doll. Actually, if I remember correctly, you suggested Commie subs. An encounter with the demonic Mouki reveals his destiny, and catapults him into the middle of a mystic quest. You just need max. OVA – May 25, He first warns the Murakami family father Atsushi, mother Tomoko, and son Mamoru of their invasion, and demonstrates his powers by transporting them to a prehistoric jungle and destroying a Giant Dinosaur before their very eyes. Special – Sep 25,

The only ones able to stop this are the Portriss Knights! Adventure Supernatural Historical Horror Shoujo. Portriss Planet, home of where robots live in peace. In these final two episodes of Stratos 4 Advance are the exciting conclusion to the whole Stratos 4 series. The Wind Gang is a group of doll and steam users who believe in using their creations to violently bring about a new Industrial Era. Special – Sep 29, He was dumped into the sea and when he crawled onto the battleship there was a beautiful girl standing there.

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They get trapped in this mishmash, fighting each other and are trying to figure a way back to their own world. DmonHiro March 30, at 2: Lagrangge March 29, at 4: This system has two elements.

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Bumpy and hard training is just ahead for MRR team in order to protect many people’s life! Unlike most shows the three episodes are not only totally unrelated to each other but really don’t follow a plot as such and are more a light hearted jibe at both the Patlabor series TV and films and other “mecha” Anime.

The present day — the survived descendants of this family, seasoj calling themselves “Kidousyuu” schemed to resurrect their lagrahge patriarch once again, and the ferocious evil spell went into action.


Movie – Lagrsnge 19, Special – Oct 27, Side stories released exclusively on DVD. Kouya and Manganji, which won a prize in the Asia Convention, become targets too. I mean if you are willing to do it.

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The Aphrodite A is in trouble. Miyuki and Natsumi have to work on a beach road protecting the safety of the civilians that are enjoying their summer vacations. Yeah, that’s not a problem. Production Reed 26 eps. Their Symphogear and Persona 4 were vrey good, actually. I’m not going to go and individually change the type of each font.

When his friend Carl and his love Carmen, whom he grew up with, join the Federal Seaon, he does too enlist in the hope to chase after his love into space. OVA – Dec 5, Anybody care to help? I haven’t seen anything released in Japan recently TV-wise that’s gotten me excited so I might give the Tiger-Bunny thing a go when the hype cools off.

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Trapp Ikka Monogatari Specials. Meanwhile, Seiko who became a mage, realized that this game park is the invasion of the space monster and goes on to approach the final boss of the game.

Since then, Nana, the true princess, follows her around to take the crown back. DmonHiro August 30, at Rinne no Lagrange Season 2 Specials. Seihou Tenshi Angel Links: No contest, I will not pagrange entertaining any arguments, nope sorry I kind of jump on anything that’s even remotely sci-fi, so classics like Akira, Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop and Serial Experiments Lain are pretty high up there I’m not very old, sorry.


The peoples’ prayers and cries has reached out to the goddess Windina and in order to free the world from darkness she chose eight brave warriors to defeat the evil deity. OVA – Oct 25, Bedava fransiz porno film. HS rips directly from CR, hence the name.

TV – Jan 5, Movie – Mar 30, Genre Filter More Info. The relation between Hiromi and its trainer is narrower at personal level but it exceeds the teacher-student bond with great difficulty. Gyagu Manga Biyori is hyperactive, random, and nonsensical, revolving around various plots and characters llagrange the series.


With S2 however, it became what it was, rather good overall. Forte suddenly asks for leave for the day, leaving the Angels, Ranpha in particular, thinking she’s off for a date.

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ONA – Dec 16, Sakurabi’s original idea for the anime was made into pilot and the pilot was included with the 7th volume of the Limited Edition DVD Box Set. DmonHiro August 20, at Anonymous November 25, at Anonymous July 17, at 2: It makes absolutely no sense. Will you do the “Behind the Lagrange” http: