She tells her husband that she wishes to buy 4 good sarees and taht her friend is ready to accept money in installments. Naan unna ennamo nenachen? She is a widow and does not want to come to such auspicious functions. Younger brother Ram Kumar studied at a college, but he is very arrogant and misbehaves with the college girls and tease professors. Uma and her father come to Ram Kumar’s house and tell lies to his mother, that Ram Kumar and Uma love each other. Rajini refuses and says that it is necessary that everything done by the younger daughter in law, should be done by her also?

The client is scared. Incidentally, watching this movie reminds one of a famous movie, made by Visu.. Rajini is the elder working brother and it is he who is sponsoring college education for the younger brother — Srikanth. As Rajini goes towards his room to remove the cot, a conversation ensues between him and his wife. She blackmails him by threatening to get him transferred Thanni Illadha Kaadu. This site uses cookies. Rajini appears to be of a fearful character in this scene, while Srikanth appears to be a more dominant personality.

Incidentally, watching this movie reminds one of a famous movie, made by Visu. He is a straightforward and sincerely quiet man. Films directed by Durai.

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This page was last edited on 6 Decemberat After Ram Kumar’s marriage, Sundaresan’s behaviour changes on saghurangam wife Meenakshi. Then Meenakshi was felt to Sundaresan. With the help of the available audio, I have managed to construct the rest of the movie sequence. Sundaresan works as an accountant. But this one is a strange case. Ramkumar comes home and asks for Coffee.


He warns him that any further attempts, and he will complain about Masilamani to the higher officers. Sambantham was to give a love letter to Uma, but Uma and her friends was racked and Sambantham complained to his friend Ram Kumar. This shocks everyone except Srikant himself. It is a case of the video visuals of the first half available, but the video content of the second half is missing. Adhu Neetavum Kathundana, Vazhkai le munnerilam. There, they see Uma practicing ffilm boxing with her friends.

Neenga Idhukku munnala Muslim Aa? Pandari Bai was angry with her son Sundaresan and requested he leave the illegal work. Both sons have great love for mother. I can buy her a fan.

Thengai sees this and is very happy.

Lots of complaints have been received against Masilamani 4 for taking bribes, so his manager decides to shift Sundaresan to his place, due to his honesty. The synopsis has been written only with available audio. As they converse, Rajini Sundaresan enters and hears the dialogue. The Marriage happens successfully and everyone wishes the rajoni well.


During the wedding night itself, she sathjrangam him various questions including about his salary. VKR calls his daughter down who comes in her Karate dress.

Thengai enquires asking for whom, to which Pandari Bai says, for Sundaresan. The day he is able to afford a Fan and a Double cot, he would buy it for her.

Pandari Bai enquires Thengai to find out the cost of a Fan and a double cot. Naalakki Paal Fameto cite a few.

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And Sundaresan was not spending time with his wife. The picture is hardly rosy. Retrieved from ” https: But Pandari Bai hesitates. Ramasamy and Pandari Bai in supporting roles. That calls for a seperate post in itself, though. Sundaresan’s mother Pandari Bai was die bedded Sahurangam was told to Meenakshi. Some boys are terrified seeing Uma kick boxing on the roof. PandariBai decides that they ought to get married. The next day Srikanth complains to his mother, that he could not sleep without his cot.

So, why is this example so strange? He satnurangam Masilamani to leave. Maanam Rosham Illama dhaan Vazhanum. Then Ram Kumar was do the ritual event.