Moo Yeon can only be defeated if her spirit leaves the host’s body. They loved each other too when they were humans. She tells him what Bang-wool said to her, about love and loss: Arang pulls away and hurries to the cave. This episode was eventful but mild imo. Eun Sang says she will get a cellphone tomorrow so people can call them if they change their mind about hiring mom.

How can you not love Lee Jun-ki everyday?. Hah, and I just realized that Arang did exactly what Eun-Oh said she would do, too. Jambo October 12, at 9: Both smile at each other, but one can detect an undercurrent of mistrust there. Whereas the love Arang and Eunho have for one another is mutual and deep. Joongirl October 11, at Still, brownie points for the thought!

Yes, skinship well, it was a bare shoulder after 15 eps. It really hurt to see Tan siopsis away when he first saw Eun Sang emerging from behind the clothes. You mentioned that Dominique is a fanatic LMH worshipper, as a mature LMH fan yourself, maybe you should advise her to stop bashing other actors and actresses thoughtlessly, as a fan’s bad behaviour will only attract negative feelings towards her idol.

Is this the math ghe of soul-saving, where zero value is better than negative value? There is something really beautiful in it’s simplicity. I am so scared of dealing with another unhappy ending myself This episode was eventful but mild imo.

He tells her that he does. Thus we get rid of the Evil One, free the mom and Arang is, ya’know, still Arang. Arang and the Magistrate is very, very well written, and I love how the twists and turns each episodes show how well-planned each of the scenes is. So she would probably have preferred to endure in hell, holding on to pain and feeling.

We saw how Eun Oh’s mom was aware that he was present We could use the time to confront the Big Tthe and address the numerous mythological mysteries still to resolve, of which this drama has plenty.


More Power and Long Live Viki, truly powered by avid fans. Jade owns up to breaking his own rules all the time. Mom turns to Arang and gives her a nod, which Arang returns; it rather feels like a father giving away a bride to her groom.

I prefer that the problems come from the fantasy, but that human persistence and work you know those pesky Confucian things are what solves the problems created by the fantasy. She rants in frustration while Eun-oh stares at her, wearing a smile on his face that seems reassuring. He tried to stab him but he simply went through Chang Gul. Whatever arabg original fate was, it certainly wasn’t punishment.

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So, the two old farts in the sky did all this to dwarf a demon, put the universe back in order and for: She was doing a favor for a mutual friend, and I was doing a favor for her, so the exchange happened. But then I began to feel some sympathy toward him when I began to understand where he had come from and how he had become this way. I dont think it is as easy as noble idocy.

And moreover, what will the price for that endeavor be? She takes out her Jeguk High uniform.

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Was this just some big wild goose chase for the poor dead girl? What can we asked for more??? But if they give me gas money, which allows me to say, visit a friend I haven’t seen in awhile on her episoed me reaping the benefits of a gift I never asked forof course I’m going to be thankful to my parents for giving me that money. Kiara Episore 11, at Once there, he asks Jin Suk to take care of Soo.

Oh god how is a happy ending even possible? Young Do, his dad, Rachel, and her mom have dinner together. Notify me of new posts via email. Back in the car, Park Sa breathes deeply as he undoes his tie and top button Wait, when did he button it up and put the tie back? Soo Min apologizes but says she was too worried for Jin Suk.


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That’d be too cute. His jibe at sinopxis fairy about not being able to attract any grim reapers wasn’t really implying that love or courtship heavenly or earthly, whatever that means is allowed in heaven.

JK October 10, at Why do you hate this world magistgate so much? I’ve always seen your comments in every other drama with a negative attitude. I love a show that actually picks up the pace and launches into the final act with a surge of adrenaline. Thanks so much for the recap!! There were not enough laughs and cute from our side characters, which, unfortunately, seems to be what they are used for mostly in this drama.

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Bang-wool keeps having to ask what Grandma is saying the entire time, and finally Granny gets so fed up that she smacks Bang-wool upside the head.

Anya October 18, at 9: Does anyone know what drama airs after this? Won’t write an essay except to say I was feeling surprisingly wretched for Ju Wal yesterday. It is no obsessive or possessive, which I think we see tye lot in dramas. Check my friend’s FB: Tears immediately well in her eyes as he starts to slowly walk toward her. Eun-oh growls at the news, only to be interrupted by a more urgent matter when a townsperson comes crying for his help. I loved the ending