He asks where everyone is, but she comes at him with the knife, saying that he killed her father, and should die. Geum Dan Bi Supporting Cast. Episode 18 p Hardsubs Indo: Shin Hyun Bin Main Cast. Log in with Email. Chun tells him to shut up.

Kim Min Chan Supporting Cast. Choi Yoon So Supporting Cast. Park Won Sang Supporting Cast. To do this I still put a large plastic bag in my backpack and pack everything in this. In the midst of fluids leaking out through eyes and nose honestly such a mess right now I found this…. My poor Un had no one to teach him. Gwang Taek suggests they go outside.

Nam Ji Hyun Supporting Cast. You can subtitle sihopsis Viki and be part of the community too! After a bit of close grappling, a few spins later, Dong Soo slices Chun across the side. I wonder if they might consider making a prequel about them. He braves up after remembering that Gwang Taek asked if he had seen him and after apologizing, he uncovers the wounds.

Episode 28 p Hardsubs Indo: They haul him back to Lord Hong and they start a plot to finish off Chun. Kim Eung Soo Supporting Cast. Did he think Chun would be fine with this? Episode 8 p Hardsubs Indo: The next morning, Dong Soo gravely draws his sword and continues the same set of exercises he and Gwang Taek had practiced.


Chun goes out to the fields and sits, followed by Un through the beautifully lit foggy streets, I might add.

Drama Korea Warrior Baek Dong Soo Subtitle Indonesia

He repeats the name, and says that he understands. Episode 7 p Hardsubs Indo: Thanks warrrior the recap! Jun Kwang Ryul Supporting Cast. Start romancing each other long before you get home if possible.

Warrior Baek Dong Soo (Final) | Sinopsis Drama

I foresee tears being shed during this finale, no matter what kind of ending. Gwang Taek says he wants to see Ga Ok.

In the midst of fluids leaking out through eyes and nose honestly such a mess right now I found this… Gonna miss everyone so damn much. She grabs his arm and tells him to leave.

The fight starts again. Episode 15 p Hardsubs Indo: As Hong1 starts to signal the archers, Un puts a sword to his neck and tells him to stop. About a minute of acrobatic fighting later, Gwang Taek gets slashed across the chest, but the fight continues.

Drama Korea Warrior Baek Dong Soo Subtitle Indonesia

Ji Yoo Supporting Cast. Park Joon Gyu Supporting Kroea. If that is just too much to ask, then get out of the relationship or seek help. Get me outta here!


Warrior Baek Dong Soo 1-29 (Final)

Dong Soo follows and she laments that if she had known, she would have been a more attentive daughter. Episode 9 p Hardsubs Indo: Lord Hong berates Hong1 for being such a baby about the wound. In fact, they will probably tell you, going through all korae paper-pushing by themselves grants them peace of mind as they are able to personally deal with probable registration challenges.

Back in town, Rong Ung picks up a new crossbow and bolts from the blacksmith.

Nothing more out of me, I shall mull over sop, weep some more and then come back to spazz about the pretty cos there was lots of the breathtaking pretty.

Un reminds him that to become Chun Joo, he has to kill the previous Chun Joo. There are no heroes. Episode 22 p Hardsubs Indo: