On the Dream High CD, aside from the “thanks to” naming all 3 teachers, on the “arrangements” it names Jin-man and Sam-dong! Retrieved 6 September Dream high 1 has such a steady and interesting plot. When you’re a teen, you think every love story you’re in is epic. Retrieved 5 September Doesn’t seem so from the recaps so far By the way, what’s with the absurd goal of becoming the next lady gaga or whoever’s the most popular in the world now? Who’s up for a group watch for the last time??

I love this drama in portraying her growth without making her become someone else. It’s supposed to be students vs idols but it just doesn’t really go anywhere. SSH’s hotness just couldnt compete with: SamDong, come’on give HyeMi some kissing.. I really like Rian, NaNa, and Yoojin. Even the JB bandaids? You know, this drama feels like waste Jinwoon’s talent, seriously. The best part was when Yoo-jin and Hae-sung were eating the ramyun together.

This episode was all that and a bag of biscuits. Soon-dong is among them, and when her friends ask about her duet partner, she names Hae-sung right away, and then adds that Ri-an will lose some face this time around. While “Someday” fared well commercially and reached number one on the Gaon Digital Chart[12] it was embroiled in controversy after the song’s writer and composer, Park Jin-youngwas accused of plagiarizing the song, “To My Man”.

He asks if Shi-woo expected him to fight on his behalf. What we have to understand is that to surpass the first season is very very difficult, since it was so good.

Oh, and she wouldn’t have even chased after 144-15 when he was chasing after her on the bus in the first place. This drama is like a slow death. Second, I still don’t understand the plot. I almost choked on my gum when I realized it was Insung in drag. Samz February 23, at 4: As far as i know it’s a personal blog and they don’t have journalists or critics accreditations.


So yeah, they sinppsis have it easy and deal with selfishness and competitiveness with their counterparts. She says that the same thing always happens in those movies: SamDong, come’on give HyeMi some kissing.

Kang-chul scoffs, asking if they really think they can beat them, and no one dares to accept the challenge. Hye-mi was in denial so she ran away from Sam-dong. Epiode mean, what’s next?

It’s supposed to be students vs idols but it just doesn’t really go anywhere. But the closeness stirs him, and he suddenly becomes shy and smiley at her touch. It doesnt look like a good drem for the finale. Ah thanks for mentioning that overdramatic scene, I forgot to xD It’s funny because I was like bawling my eyes out and then he falls to his knees and Sinipsis abruptly stopped sobbing and muttered, “Oh, no, don’t do that in the street Omg my shipper heart!

I’m willing to wait and see where the character goes, but so far I think he higg perfectly ok. Ah 14-115 thought i was the only one who noticed that thing KSH does with the fiercy look in his eyes. I just finished watching the episode and totally Lol-ed when Hye-Sung held Jin Gook’s hand and when Sam-Dong offered his, she gave him the stare!

They need some real help in trying to save this drama which had so much potential. Keeping the fans of season 1 with the associated fame and success image onboard. But in the end, she chased him when he thought she was leaving. It kind of kills me that his role is just getting bigger. Unni, come to Lahli-yah and rest thine weary head on my breastses!


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Very true, Autumn, very true; SD’s freak-out was indeed completely in character. Lahlita February 23, at 6: The only reason I keep watching this is because of Yoo jin the guy with the guitar.

He leans in close, and kisses her sweetly on the nose. She asks why he really came back. epsode

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Baekhee or Jingook or better yet both I mean we keep focusing on the guy in episode one, but there is also a hooded female walking in front of the guy, so who knows it could be either of them. Jin-man drags his feet back to his attic room, more dejected than ever, and finds Yoo-jin waiting for him inside, with a whole basket of bananas as a hih gift.

I know 114-15 guys loved it. Ani February 22, at Daniela February 22, at 9: Thanks for that, I’ve just set mine up in anticipation for future recaps!

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I love that everyone’s character has always stayed intact, and when they did transform, it dreeam by experience that molded them gradually into who they are now. SD was never the subtle type, and he tends to let his emotions overcome him. It’s like the writer and PD know that with Soo-hyun they have an ace in the hole and so they always give him epic shit, which is great Today I clasp eipsode.

Why are they so cute?!