And like I said, I was pathetic. But I really don’t feel optimistic about his mother. Thank you for this. The specter of his friend appears beside him, a face of infinite sadness. Thank you all for participating in this. No other drama has spoken to me in such a real way. It won’t be the same without them!

As Ji-Hoon realized at the end, you cannot supply someone a reason for living – somehow, some way, they must find this and believe it on their own. Bagi pecinta drama bergenre fantasy romance jangan lewatkan drama yang satu ini: My English Puberty Hours. Lee Sung-min, For the first time in my life I am writing a fan letter. That really made a difference in his life and its the biggest lesson I can take from this show. I really did give good info in the other comment, so do check back!

That boy is carrying an immensely heavy load inside himself.

Oh’s company continue to flourish, he might lure YY! And that led me to wonder: He asked So-woo what was going on when everything had been going episod. Maybe that says something about the root cause of his depression. Has filmography in both English and Korean:. ST3 practicing some dance moves led by dtamatized Siwan, lulz: They are the ones who still have childlike ideals with a higher set of principles, a purer sense of what is right or fair.

On the outside, Ji-hoon looked as if he had it together. Once again he’s blown me away by his performance as Chief Oh in Misaeng. Oh My Emperor Season 2 Review: I shall always count this series as one the richest experiences in storytelling, and your episods performance in a class all its own.

Closing with a line from Healer- “There are too many people who suffer unjust deaths but don’t merit so much as a mention in the newspapers. It makes me hurt just thinking about it. Before releasing their first album, SpeXial received training in South Korea for a Looking for information on the spring season, ?

I am so glad that kdramas exist. Side by side, the two boys look out towards the horizon. Keep up the good work. But when I came home my parents were outI found out she’d done it, and I was terrified. Thank goodness our kid has more sense! This is a valid and important lesson that everyone needs to know. I hope Yoon Tae-ho holds true to his own vision for Misaeng just as he did with the first series of his webtoon – I’m glad to see so much mutual respect between the drama team and the artist.


I remember hearing a student friend call to me in the Denver airport whom I HADNT SEEN in 29 years, and didn’t recognize–she didn’t recognize me either but she said she knew my voice loud immediately–and the intervening years fell away. Reporter Park has called Detective Oh out for tea, and he struts in excitedly. I believe that Seok Yul probably got it right away and also probably knows that they are at the very early stages in a possible romance, where it could all fall apart.

Back then, my sibling told me she wanted to kill herself. Episode 60 Chinese Title: Before he died, I left him alone and ran away. The writing, the directing, the acting: Yeah, it’s now my 1 drama of all time too – and rightfully so.

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Seriously, how many hwart us would have left our best friend on the roof in that state after saying what we did? I was waiting for him to get his comeuppance, too.

You have to scroll down a bit to get to the filmography section. I’m a fan of his from America. It’s a song about freedom and at the same time how you kind of rush forward so fast that you do not really manage to live.

And for the idol-related but not focused shows: Ji-hoon says that perhaps he subconsciously wanted someone on his side. I might be a minority, but I actually do not want Season 2.

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All that said, I do understand your point jomo. The Geu-rae we saw in episode 1 has been changing and growing towards this Geu-rae for a while now, he may have been still reserved and shy but he started to come out of his shell as early as episode 3 thanks to Seok-yul. But nothing happened to him. Kennedy Rose Oh that spoilt milk scene was hilarious, Only his father and his friend knew the truth of his emotionally-devastated past. Oh wife’s role of becoming the wife that able to just being the biggest supporter, that’s love there for sure and they say Misaeng doesn’t have storyline, ha!


I wouldn’t mind Baek Ki and Young Yi getting together eventually although that would be a whole new series of hurdles jing “procedures” at One International But I’d actually like to see Baek Ki get some more dating experience. Oh’s three boys are cute, so’s drammatized child actor who played young GR.

And Minseok as the nagger boyfriend? They proved they could change their world, and it makes me want to live in the world I’m confident they’ll go on to create. It’s funny how at the beginning of the drama I really didn’t like Jihoon and I was so suspicious of him but by the middle-end, I really felt for him and whenever other people suspected him I was like ‘noooo, you don’t understand.

One hopes this will lead to more roles. Watch now yao mingming kibg producer season 2 you did great you’ll do great in future I’ll always support you qing chun you ni idol producer chinese show chinese drama seventeen 43 notes Loading Page 2: As someone who has struggled many years with Suicide. I relate to this drama in so many ways even though my career would never take me down the office work route.