The film, directed by the Danes, Christian Holten Bonke and Andreas Koefoed, takes the audience into the cloistered world of professional ballroom dancing, in which the competitors tour relentlessly, often to such provincial towns as Blackpool and Bournemouth, and see little there except their bland hotel rooms and the dance floor where the competition is ferocious. Premier Logo Created with Sketch. Slavik is one of the best dancers of our generation a former world champion but he cannot control his bad temper and his relationship with Anna starts to crumble. In certain cases, all editors are allowed to submit modifications, but review is required for some editors, depending on certain conditions. July 1, Hometown: The dance floor of broken dreams The ballroom dancer, Slavik Kryklyvyy reminds me of Nureyev. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

You can also search for Slavik Kryklyvyy to check for alternative titles or spellings. This movie depicts the hardships that dancers go through trying to make it to the very top. Ballroom Dancer focuses on the attempted comeback of Slavik, a Ukrainian, who was at his peak in , when at 24 years old, he dominated World Latin Dance Championships with his partner and lover, Joanna Leunis. In just two years, the couple took part in 12 competitions. They represented Finland, but took part in only one competition – the UK Open in where they finished in 6th place. In , Slavik Kryklyvyy partnered with Anna Melnikova, then amateur Latin champion, representing Russia in the international arena.

Ekaterina Lapaeva In the fall ofit was announced that Kryklyvyy would slavki dancing with Ekaterina Lapaeva. Ballroom Dancer will be released on iTunes on Nov. Advertise About Tips Contact Us. Hanna Karttunen InSlavik partnered with Hanna Karttunenat that time one of the best dancers of the world in this class who, more than once, won many first places at various competitions.


Ballroom Menlikova focuses on the attempted comeback of Slavik, a Ukrainian, who was at his peak inwhen at 24 years old, he dominated World Latin Dance Championships with his partner and lover, Joanna Leunis.

The following month, Slavik and Alena attended the Yalta Open where they took second place. It means the world to us! Only registered users may create a new article. Slavik Kryklyvyy Vyacheslav KryklyvyyUkrainian: Their debut ajna announced to be at the UK Open in Januaryhowever on November 22, Lapaeva announced that she was retiring from Kryklybyy DanceSport altogether. The couple seems at ease with the camera following them as they converse and argue in Russian and English.

Anna Melnikova in Ballroom Dancer. This page was last modified T Slavik Kryklyvyy See also: Slqvik just one year, the couple took many first and second places at some of the most prestigious dance competitions, including becoming champions of the Kremlin Cup in Moscow. This page was last edited on 18 Januaryat Produced by Jakob Nordenhof Jonck.

Prior to that, he was engaged in swimming.

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In just two years, the couple took part in 12 competitions. Views Read Edit View history. Slavik was credited as the partner of Paulina Jennifer Lopez as they competed in Blackpool as well as a dance instructor.

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The film krkylyvyy excellently produced, but the distribution is amateur, at best. At first, Anna looks star struck with the domineering Slavik. Search for ” Slavik Kryklyvyy ” in existing articles. Post a Comment Your email is never shared. He tried to dance in Moscow, but was unable to find a partner.


However, Slavik and Anna danced their last performance in June of at the famous Blackpool Dance Festivalwhere the pair was fifth in the overall standings. Kryklyvyy and Melnikova were guest competitors as Show Performers. However, Slavik’s father liked the idea of his son taking on bodybuilding.

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melnilova WikiDanceSport has been created for the DanceSport community to collaboratively organize and promote this sport throughout the world. Hey Eric, Yes it is def worth the wait.

This fly-on-the-wall film is intimate, honest and beautifully shot. It took the couple only five days of rehearsal to successfully take part in their first competition, slavki Belgian Cupwhere they took first place. The couple won the hearts of a vast number of fans with their brilliant performances. It was probably Kryklyvyy’s last chance to reach the top but he and Melnikova could not manage the challenge.

On top of all of this, Slavik and Anna novie compete with the very same girl who discovered him and with whom he broke through to stardom, status and wealth — Joanna Leunis.