Miraculously, Do Shik appears with a cane; he orders the owner to grab it, and they will then pull him up. Thanks for recapping this amazing show. Giant – very handsome. Thanks for the recap! When he returns, Do Shik remarks that his coat is wet; the owner must have gone out during the day in the rain. He knows that case — he was there, taking pictures as a young student. I am so excited for this season. What a nice surprise!!!

I really miss Yang Dong-geun’s badass persona. Then, in the beginning of this series, Ji Hoon was willing to use Min Ho as a guinea pig to figure out if a crime could be carried out in 12 minutes. I have watched the whole series and I must say that it is a fantastic show, especially the first episode. If he could use a former victim as bait, no wonder he could abuse Min Ho in his crime reenactments. This seems like an awesome series. Great job for the well written and wonderful recaps!!

Ye ri saw the monster quite alright and she also saw the Director’s face Ji Hoon and the other detectives Baek and Min Ho walked just in time to see the whole episode unfold that is the ep of the Director unwrapping Ye Ri’s face. Ji Hoon believes that there was someone else who survived and witnessed the suicide. Do Shik realizes that the killer was never in roomwhere Hee Joo was found. I don’t understand, I can’t believe it!! Do Shik purchases a bus ticket to Seoul and, while waiting on the benches, sits across from two siblings fighting over a game.


It’s a total cliffhanger! Do Shik puzzles over what could have happened, and how the sister fits in on all this.

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D Thanks for the recap: I only saw JSW in Giant on ep. I’m glad you’re covering TEN, kaedejun! Screenplay Reading in engrossed in the appearance of an actor to feel the heat. The twist and turn in the every arc are really intriguing and makes you feam.

Finding that odd, she flips over the message — on the back of the note is an address in Gyeonggi-do.

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Well worth watching, Dramacrazy. I think the killer is someone else but I definitively think that Jihoon was closing up on the killer maybe even realized who it was. This show is amazing. I tea the drama is really good, Jo sang wook and Lee sang wook playing in this drama too and Sung yu ri.

If you would have translated that way. I felt that it seemed Ji hoon merely used Ye Ri as a bait to lure F out.

Special Affairs Team TEN Episode 3 [2/2]

I watched on Viki and am not a QC. But Min Ho has a new lead — and it might be more important.


He nervously admits that Eun Young was looking for someone, and backs away from the wrench. I was all episofe and felt a bit sick at the ending.

The owner tells him to take it easy, and Do Shik figures afdairs that this must be how Det. And I just love the actor.

Paradise Ranch – OMG he was soooo handsome. Malicsi March 4, at 8: I feel like the casts are already into their characters. Posted March 3, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Giant – very handsome. With his honeyed words and a little shoulder massage, Min Ho tries to get access to the suicide case files from his female sunbae.

Anyways, I have several theories about what happened. It indicates that the killer has become more sadistic in wanting his subdued victim to watch her fingers get cut dramacrzy while alive.

Oh, Lord, those mechanized subs would’ve driven me insane, what with the twistedness of these last 2 episodes and the vastness of the “open” ending! I’m definitely going to watch it.