As a successful paladin, he was returning home as a champion, when he ran into a childhood classmate: But with a castle full of innocent students, will Harry submit to Voldemort’s wishes in order for them to remain alive? So when Reborn arrives to train him as Vongola Decimo, he ends up with something a little more. It is time for Draco to tell his parents that he is dating Harry. Paperwork Delinquency by Seito reviews It turns out that Mukuro forgot to do something important during his Reincarnation cycles. Before the crisis, I used Treasuries for virtually all my money that was not invested in Oaktree.

Sytuacja podobna do kryzysu w b. But with the reunion just weeks before the Inheritance Ceremony, it would be hard to prove Murphy’s Law wrong. Pity that Harry is, indeed, a boy and has that weird sort of Potter luck. Tickled Pink by Spongecatdog reviews Cold dread began to fill Nagisa as he eyed the pale hand copy his actions in the mirror. The Neut Union is born. People who pointed out that Reborn had freckles either got shot or were beaten so badly they spend anywhere from a few days to a few weeks in the hospital.

Spells and His Angel by Simply Amaryllis reviews Harry was struggling coping with his fifth year at Hogwarts, and in a last ditch attempt decided to pray. L to ja zamknalem na DT jakos sie DAX nie kwapi d obicia rekordow moze dolaczy pozniej jak ostanio to mialo miejsce zobaczymy ale na razie jakos widze nie ufny.

He hadn’t planned on falling for the tattoo artist or getting involved with ghouls, but somehow it had happened. I had an epiphany. Of course it comes with challenges, but nothing he can’t handle. But what else is new? Kolskis first feature, Pogrzeb kartofla, was shot in Popielawy insince then, Kolski has made many more films, most of them located in the same village or mythical countryside.


Fukushima to byl odpowiednik zjazdu styczen – luty. Ale czy to jest prawda?

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Someone is going to be bitten to death for this. Czy odzyska utracone wspomnienia? He has seen a lot of things in his time as an assassin including but not limited to a screaming painting, an octopus teacher, killer pudding, and more. Shikamaru let him sleep on the floor.

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Pogrzeb kartofla is a Polish drama film directed by Jan Jakub Kolski. Incandescent by Arsonic reviews His True Alpha wants him dead.

The Forgotten Time by Metamorcy reviews An incident with the year bazooka leaves Tsuna stuck in the past… What’s he gonna to do now? Harry Potter – Rated: When Harry is sorted into Slytherin, well And now they have now been kidnapped to resurrect Voldemort. Deliverance by MidnightEmber spawa Portals always brought danger.

Once Upon a Dream by Ammie Hawk reviews Soulmates, if lucky enough to find each other, begin meeting each other in their dreams. Then Tsuna walked in.

Belladonna Potter has her own plans for her future and no one calu stand in her way. The Flaw in the Plan by Little.

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Kisses by Watermelonsmellinfellon reviews It’s Christmas time and John wants to give Sherlock a kiss. Z drugiej strony onlind cyklu wzrostowego tygodniowego nie zaczynal sie nigdy tak wysoko na indeksie INI jak pod sprqwa stycznia What he didn’t expect is for Malfoy, in cat form, to attach himself to Harry.


The pairing is still just a possibility. Zn Rypoa w akcji A Fairy-Tale of Two Idiots by Dandelion-san reviews King Iemitsu’s had enough of the perverts coming onto his beloved son and “locks” Prince Tsunayoshi away in a tower. Things are about to get very interesting around here. The first thing Reborn wanted to do after coming back home was to hand his mission report — and sleep, not to see robed strangers circling Tsuna around his bed in the middle of the night and worshiping him.

Rated T for language. Lightning Guard by Ruinous Crow reviews In a world where magic doesn’t exist, a normal Harry Potter goes to Namimori in able to escape from his relatives. Siee Carcerem will release them, but the requirement for freedom is an impossible one, for neither Harry Potter nor Tom Riddle will ever forgive the other.

The Unexplainable by Metamorcy reviews He had only come here to fulfill a dying wish from a younger version of himself, to take his place in this world as Sawada Tsunayoshi.