Tan has absolutely zero objection to the wrist-pull, and when she lets go, he offers his arm again for another round. Drama korea terbaru a coffee to go korean, drama korea terbaru a coffee to go park, drama korea terbaru a coffee to go asianwiki, drama kore I agree with it being jarring to have them back as high schoolers. Hello Risa, Soooo good to see you here. Tan calls her on her walk back to the house and tells her to look up to the second floor. Even in less strict ones, the servant class and the master class are strictly forbidden to mingle. Ivoire, I could be totally wrong about her being in the house. Yes, only YD knows about Tan being an illegitimate child at this point.

Eun-sang heads outside to the cellar, using her cell phone as a flashlight on the dark path. I don’t know why but lee min ho’s eyes make me swoon. Tan is pushyand not afraid to admit feelings. I can tell you put a lot of thought into them. KT even said it himself, KW is the person he likes the most. I agree, she’s really a good actress

I heard someone mention that men in Korea really do wear make up Despite dramannice that, though, the show continues to breeze by as an engaging watch that has me invested rather strongly in the main couple and has lined up a nice cast of characters to enjoy. Why did KT asked her in ep. I am consistantly puzzled by her popularity. It works for me.

Faye October 24, at 3: Gam Woo sung really did well- not just in the drama but he really showcased his skills in the drama and his movie the king and the clown. Next for worst would dpisode be To Marry a Millionaire Also, he didn’t look 28 to me, his character’s age in the waotz. Awww guys, I loved all your comments, and I see your points. Hello ilikemangos, I love his eyes here too. Your email address will not be published. The cast is attractive, but they’re mostly just fillers.


KBS ‘s Wednesday—Thursday dramas.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Let’s Go to School. They’re either really bad at acting, or just average. Posted July 6, I am enjoying her performance so far, at times more so than LMH’s. Was that longing, sadness? He refuses, then keeps her from stomping off by playing the customer card in front of her boss. Man, KT is such a good and intriguing and complexed character. He calls right away, and she wonders how long he means to visit, so she can buy him dinner before he leaves. Tan is pushyand not afraid to admit feelings.

School vacation is over, and Eun-sang heads out the next morning dressed in school uniform.

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And YD misses his mommy, that is for sure and so does KW. Hello Sidney is a quote from the movie Scream -it’s what the killer says when he calls. Posted July 7, By Nancyzak Started October 5, The Kidney thing is just a joke he made when she assumed he dramanide some kind of gangster or drug draamnice since he had such a nice house.

Overall I think its such a lacklustre first half for Kdramas this year. I much prefer this version.

He has that reputation, and I believe that he actually earned it, by doing it. Besides, I don’t think he would want to stare at me when I sleep, and that is OK: I liked his Day-Glo Chartreuse pants! Look at how he is treating Rachel. That last scene of Eun-sang walking inadvertently into that circle of students was daebak! Because I thought it was overrated. Hope the next half is better.

You have to admit, Tan does know how to make an entrance. I speak multiple languages learned from my parents, who are not Americanbut we probably wouldn’t just randomly speak one of them if we were surrounded by English speakers in America.


It may be owing to the diff undertones of the stories, and also that CES is so much more real, has more depth than the other girl. Yes, only YD knows about Tan being an illegitimate child at this point.

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I hope they keep it recurring for the entire run of the show. I try not to notice it but damn they need to do a lot better with the make-up.

The song that sounds the same but sounds different is pretty much the same song, but it’s sung by 2AM’s changmin in ost part 3. Have not watched Hana yori. Plus it probably has to do with Kim Won’s Mom, she was probably poor and not as educated or cultured as fitting his “station” and he’s hedging his betsin case he ends up with KT knocking her up or marrying her to spite dramanicee dad.

Tan has absolutely zero objection to the wrist-pull, and when she lets go, he offers his arm again for another round. TV Report in Korean.

Tan turns to his front gate spging as Eun-sang heads out, and hastily ducks around the corner like a suspicious person. Drama Korea Terbaru Narashika.

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I would have liked apring see him make amends to the boy who had ended in a vegetative state because of his bullying, for example.

You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Faye, I do remember that scene, that was the way CES was introduced to the 2 women remember? Alone in love had quality but episide didn’t do so well in the ratings- but it had a nice meaning to it.