The correct response is: Season 1 — Mission 5: You will be able to play the Season 2 Missions as soon as they are released by Moshi Monsters. Remember he has his brain at the top and a big smile to the bottom of the second ring. Fingz As you match the pairs the borders of the cards turn yellow. As you match the pairs the borders of the cards turn yellow. You will never catch me! Season 2 — Mission 4:

Season 1 — Mission 4: Now drag Fizzy from your inventory and drag him onto the same asteroid. Season 2 — Mission 4: Looks like an AA battery to me. Now click on the door to close it. Inside the open hatch with the wires in it.

Now just keep clicking on the button to get Quirk to punch the dragon. The third is give … n when you give the space captain the space sandwich when you go back to the space ship to report the mission. You will never catch me!

They are all round. Notify me of new posts via email.

The creepy crawlies are the third ingredient on the list. Follow and repeat are tune.

Now you start a conversation with Captain Squirk. Pink Terminal Now click on the next screen next to the Arcade Machine. I need 1 credit to buy this. Then you complete them one at time, fo … llowing the clues.


Season 2, Mission 7, Masters of the Swooniverse

Season 2 — Mission 2: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are misxion using your Twitter account. My operating system is stuttering with laughter!

The first EPIC is located in the dark cave when you go to hunt for”creepy crawlies” in the jungle.

Moshi Missions Guide

Un-oh, looks like the Rhapsody 2 is taking off with you inside it! Now open your inventory and drag the three Door Key pieces onto the circular door to the left. Another is given when you finish shaving Zac Binspin’s hair and talk to him.

Season 2 — Mission 3: And the last one is when your de … feating Strangeglove. But there are three more terminals that need resetting! Crew, the first sequence please!

Season 2, Mission 7, Masters of the Swooniverse

Merge this question into. Just to the right of Splutnik, tucked under the purple pipe. This is slightly longer version of the first one. The vent will grow large pushing the door out of the way as it does! Split and merge into it. Open your inventory and drag the Cosmic Rox you’ve just picked up and drop them on the emall asteroid just to the left mosbi the washing l … ine. Check this guide though on YouTube: For the second sequence you need to click on the Ooze, Splutnik, Fingz, Ooze and then finally Splutnik.


The Magnet attract the large piece of Door Key and drops it onto the floor. Nothing is missikn quite as simple as you think it should be is it! Click on the Bow Tie to pick it up. Go epkcs Simon Growl’s locker and put … in and an epic will pop out. We are still working on this page. Third one is in the clams mouth top … left after fixing music box when finding wheel.