But this drives Jailbot 2. This cake tastes weird. Full Cast and Crew. Let me get that for you, angel. And now she’s gone forever. Jailbot, what in the hell is that?! The warden will never find his birthday presents hidden here.

The newlyweds ride off in a makeshift carriage with the sentiment “Just Gaymaryed” painted on the back. Archived from the original on July 29, Take that thing to the incinerator and burn it alive! A walking weather machine named “Sunshine”. The fire may have gone out inside you, but it hasn’t inside me. In the cliffhanger after the credits, Jailbot reactivates itself and goes off to find the warden and the others.

I’ll light a candle for you Burning burning! After spotting two Peacocks together during mating season while hunting Jacknife through Africa, Jailbot becomes obsessed with finding love.

Can you read me a story? Alice teams up with the special ops to take down Stingray, At the same time, The Warden rallies the inmates into fighting to take back Superjail.

It needs more icing. With lots of candles. We have to hurry up!

The Warden, his staff, and all the inmates are captured with ease. It’s up to Alice to save the superjai by fulfilling the Mistress’ sexual urges.

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If you don’t cheer up, I’m going to have to start calling you Mr. While the Warden is building a new dam in Superjail several superjaill start to episove a tabloid newspaper called the Superjail Inquisitor. The Warden’s team gets into a clash with Lord Stingray right at the race’s end, and as the Warden and Stingray fell out of the cars, Jacknife—who was in the Warden’s trunk—wins and is released. After a brief sojourn in a Buddhist -like paradisethe Warden and Jared are revived and returned to Superjail.


Everything is going black.

Superjail! – Season 1, Episode 7: Mr. Grumpy-Pants –

After Ash ends the invasion with a massive explosion, the last member of the Superjail Six returns to the Jail. As such, he builds himself the perfect partner: The first season of Superjail! Glad to be here. Start your free trial.

Superjail Episode 7 – Mr. Grumpy-Pants

superjaip Meanwhile, Alice and Stingray get lost on a planet full of vicious monsters. When Jared’s photo of the Warden reveals ghosts haunting Superjail, the Warden scoffs. Where did everything go?! Retrieved March 15, They visit Superjail’s Doctor, who temporarily kills the Warden in order to send his spirit to the “other side” so that he can determine what’s going on.

After watching a s-era anti- cannabis film on Superjail movie night, the Warden attempts to crack down on the non-existent drug rpisode at Superjail.

What the he excuse me, sir! This old hag wants to be left alone on his special day.


Superjail! () s01e07 Episode Script | SS

What a wonderful party. The three drugged individuals burst in on Alice who is acting as the “bud-steward” for the Twins, who are in the Superjail refrigerator preparing for the budding of the Warbuxx.

I’m out of here! They begin to physically mutate but believe this is just the effects of the drugsrun through Superjail, and scare the inmates. What the hell is going on here?! The Warden, however, loves Jailbot 2. Add the first question. Archived from the original on July 12, Hmm, hmm hmm Now that you’ve become a woman out of your mouth, you need to start acting and dressing like a woman.

Superjail is taken over and becomes co-ed. When Jean catches him in the act, he angrily throws his ring at him and supedjail their relationship over.