I lovee yeon and princess minhwa!! He recognizes her response as a poem by Lee Kyu-bo [An actual historical figure and renowned poet]. But Yang-myung quickly covers up his sadness with good cheer, which kind of breaks my heart. Oh my God, all these child actors are so adorable. And seeing them together again just makes my heart flutter. Fileserve — only uploader can donload the file. Over tea and sweets, Prince Hwon asks Yeom if he was really prepared to give up the teaching position if he had gotten the riddle right, and wonders how he got the idea in the first place. But Yang-myung is so used to being nagged about this that he just breezes past it.

I like the wisdom and riddles. Ep 12 — p Single link — http: I really like this drama xD Thanks again! Bayfiles is a little funky once in a while. Seol scoffs, what, is it for the Queen herself? I’m confused who to support to be with Yeon Woo right now!

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Maybe Wol will regain her memory? The group Darksmurf is subbing it right now Give your thanks to them. I like her determined face at the end of the episode. I am sooo torn.

Not only does he resemble Jae Hee, his facial expressions are also similar. Yang-myung should just go ahead and tear my heart out. Unfortunately they’re both equal levels of pretty too! Thank you so much for recapping! I’m usually not a fan of the start of dramas when there is a young cast for a while cos I’d prefer 2 eps max where they are suub and then straight to older but I don’t mind with this.


I think princess minhwa is gonna be my favorite character. Lee Tae Ri Supporting Cast.

I will compile here all download links I can find for The Moon and Sun for convenience. Thanks for the recap girlfriday. What do you mean?

He makes him stand in the corner, facing the wall. Their needs to be something to be had so that these two should be together! I’m feeling more sympathy for Yang-myung than Hwon at the moment, but I like them both. Due to a childish streak of jealous towards Yeon Woo when they were young, Min Hwa unwittingly becomes involved in the plot to kill Yeon Woo.

Suddenly it clicks in his head, his meeting with Yeon-woo that day, her saying that she was there because te her brother. Kor files no longer works. How I really wish the novel has a complete english version. Sum hasn’t filled out any information yet. Jung Il Woo Main Cast. Hi Alice, Kor files no longer works. And although Yang Myung is older he is not the crown prince because her mother is lower in rank than Hwon’s mother who is a queen.

Oh, we all eisode the adult cast will come soon.

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Huge embraves for the whole crew for sharing this drama every week! Finally, she lived as a shaman. I like Princess Minhwa in this episode. I corrected that now I must stay strong next to my Kim Hubby… The kids are excellent!


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I’m gonna miss lee minho when jiw takes over. I think the extension is really needed in order to develop the story and so that they could include more character development I enng not;hate her so much already! He and Lee Hwon are half-brothers who have the same mother but different father. Haha, I have to disagree Thanks for the recap, Girlfriday!

He bear-hugs Yeom, and then tries to jump-hug Woon, who evades the move swiftly. Hello, I think the Bayfile link is down.

I’m loving historic dramas: She asks to see them herself, telling the queen that they must be very discerning when bringing people into the palace. Is it possible for me to get a copy? Anonymous, do u have rs link for ep15 and 16? Have the mTHD versions stopped? Please enter your username episove email address.

Han Ga In Main Cast. I honestly think yeon woo is way too perfect. My heart is already breaking at the anticipation of the next episode where Myung Goon spots Joon handmade apology letter with the dried flowers he gave her.