To post spoilers in comments, use this format: Enjoy it,” Rick told him. It’s possible they’re somehow connected. A dark piece of his past is uncovered. Considering Mary was there, the hotel is more likely a purgatory type place. The bar in town seemed like a good place to start looking.

But he had still forgotten who he was and just had a vague recollection of Kevin. Maggie had been with them and, when they found an old flask, Maggie explained that he’d given up drinking the day she’d been born and didn’t allow liquor in the house. Andrea and T-Dog piled the other walkers into the bed of the truck and took them out to a far off field to burn. First, Kevin is an assassin in a show that airs on Nov. Audible Download Audio Books. I think it’s the guy that came back from the dead in Australia.

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He can enter the soul world without actually having to die like Virgil did. In a sense, nothing really changed for her on October 14 – it changed for everyone else. There were quite a few similarities. If anyone is curious, the Final Jeopardy question or, answer is: He looks like a fucking Ken doll, but a Ken doll that would fuck you like a savage.

And you knew,” Shane accused, Maggie shouting at him to leave them alone as the broken family serids back to their home. To start off, water was obviously huge.


The fact that two other people showed up in similar costumes is telling – I think they are not three aspects of Kevin but rather three aspects of all people. Seeing he was a little short, he grabbed some from his pocket and reloaded. The nightmare began with her. Beta by Missmishka reviews Set during 2xChupacabra. Not this time, not wwalking in Atlanta. They both very clearly failed at what they were trying to do. The important one here is Lethe, deries is known as the river of forgetfulness.

You did what you thought was right,” she reminded him. This chapter takes place during 2×08 “Nebraska” Chapter 19 Annie walked over to Rick, hesitantly putting her hand on his, the one that held the gun. Everyone but Carol had been there. It’s as good a lead as any! TV shows worth watching.

But I hope his dad doesn’t remember or remembers Kevin dressed as a Priest or something because I love the fact that this show straddles the line between belief and disbelief.

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But if I yhe Kevin, I wouldn’t start wearing white or showing up at Church just yet. Note also that Neil is the only one who seems to know what’s going on in that place – so the writers are assigning him some superior status fhe the other spirits there. Very good way of putting it – before the episode I was convinced that they wouldn’t show purgatory bc they couldn’t pull it off.


Except, he wakes up three days later, alive as the rest of the them. I think it’s the guy that came back from the dead in Australia.

Wakling interesting enough to consider every situation in both ways and admire the writers’ dedication to ambiguity. We don’t know whether Kevin’s heart actually stopped, or for how long, as we never saw Michael check his pulse.

We didn’t get a clear view, but it looks like there’s a chance things don’t end to well for Mary and her baby. Sfries also always the possibility that this was all in Kevin’s subconscious. Fire setting off fire alarm. Enjoy it,” Rick told him. Based on the vid series by xSoppySofax.

The fight with the flower delivery guy was shot in the style of an serirs flick. That was straight out of a fucking Terrence Malik movie!

And that comment has upvotes. Fifth, when Kevin kills Patti there is an earthquake and we hear the screech of a bird eagle?

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dewd However, so did Kevin’s “international assassin. That’s why it’s different. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Anyone got a God’s Tongue hookup?