Soon we had the feeling we would need more material than Wiesner had in his collection, so we started to buy footage like maniacs, mostly on the internet and from private people. Continuity, Johan Grimonprez Double Take The director Johan Grimonprez portrays Alfred Hitchcock as a paranoid history professor, who becomes unwittingly involved in an ambiguous situation of deliberate confusion during the Cold War era. Metropolen des Leichtsinns Thomas Draschan Metropolen des Leichtsinns uses found footage to consider the possibilities of human experience. A WeTube-o-theque, today The motifs range from portraits of his family members and friends to icons of pop culture, from current news photos to oppressive chapters from Polish history. Brazil, Super 8 mm, Wilhelm Sasnal born in Poland is known primarily for his painting, for which he finds models in everyday life, in the mass media, or in historical pictures. All of them have a different structure, although in the third one I correlate the structures of the first and the second one. That which we believe we recognize when we behold the image of an object, a scene, an architectural configuration?

A devilish deconstruction of our pre-programmed post-war lives as Western consumers. Series 2 Roger Cremers. Marcel Duchamp asked himself: Rilke in Switzerland David Mollin. In the juxtaposition of works by Margherita Spiluttini and Thomas Draschan various modalities of breaking open the space-time continuum are implemented aesthetically. Trompe l’oeils effects and phantasmagorical alternate worlds, ornamental cornucopia and precise structural analysis: Metropolen des Leichtsinns Thomas Draschan.

The last time we worked on the film, which is now being called “Yes?

Zugzwang curated by Mark Whiteman. The hit of the bullet in the head triggers beautiful visual effects, which as well refer to death and decay, and therefore justify the decision. The last person missing on my list was Ulrich Wiesner, who was more or less living underground as a painter, using the name Max Franz.

For six minutes, three ways of editing are put into practice, using the same scenes and based on three combinations which are different from the number of photograms included.


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Plugging the Gap in Infinity Roy Exley. The world is everything that is the case, says the philosopher. With strange pairs and ambiguous negotiations, Double Take aims to show how “fear as a mass commodity” is first deaschan possible by global politics.

The Echo tgomas Now Eugenia Emets. It will be used to show a program of selected art films by artists who have made a name for themselves both as filmmakers and as exhibition artists.

The film deals with the return of a young soldier who died in Afghanistan, as staged by his parents. Immediately after the Metropols we started with another film, where Wiesner provided the soundtrack: Art For Unstable Communities: The exhibition Illusion and Emptiness does not work against architectures, rather it attempts to penetrate through architectures into existential depths.

The various manifestations of media art and the crossover between art genres has been a central focal point of the OK since the s.

The precisely composed photos — devoid of human presence and nonetheless filled with life lived — tell in their cold splendor of the abyss into which time plunges as it transforms into eternity. Matter of Time Fiom Storey Projects.

A Letter Ian MacFadyen. The editing also should go along with the rhythm, we chose the baseline as the primary source for that. These places and human relationships are staged so that they distort our perception.

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Parallel to the film, the OK presents the two-channel installation a WeTube-o-theque, an interactive story of remote control. If you continue browsing, we consider you to have accepted their use. What is shown is a relatively new work that has not yet had a strong presence in Austria. Being born one may ask “what should I become” in the german original: The first section, the most unhurried of the three, is constructed by the sum of two scenes united by a strip of black film, and the second one accelerates due to its reduced duration.


This puts emphasis on specific changes in the image, so they will be looked at as something that should be put into consideration as something meaningful. This hit us hard, we had spent almost 2 years of work, all our money and ideas, everything we had we had put into this film.

The film is composed of individual photographic images, which were produced over an extended period of time, taking into account both the changing seasons and varying routes inside and outside the building. Komplex Abba-Meinhof Mania 2. The Clearing Ami Clarke. This film is constructed using a collection of about different 16 mm films, mostly educational shorts, some TV serials, some features, lots of advertising. I always had the longing to work with found footage, but did not consider anything in specific until I met Ulrich Wiesner.

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Brazil, Super 8 mm, Wilhelm Sasnal born in Poland is known primarily for his painting, for which he finds models in everyday life, in the mass media, or in historical pictures. This drawchan approach to the dis assembling of the 16mm format distances itself from other more random—but equally convincing—proposals like, for example, the one made by the German artist Thomas Draschan.

From Scribble to Script Peter Suchin.

Corinna Schnitt Short film program: Skip navigation In he represented Slovenia at the 52nd Venice Biennale. Zweites Kundenfauteuil Kurt Ryslavy.

Metropolen des Leichtsinns Thomas Draschan. It starts with a journey into film itself, followed by love making, birth, suicide and almost any humanly possible occupation.