I initially groaned, because this show has a terrible track record when it comes to fairies. Jason is injured and Ben revealed as part-vampire secretly feeds him his blood – a secret Sookie soon learns. Both were delightful to behold, and felt a bit like the show’s glory days. Upset, Pam goes to Fangtasia with Tara, when some S. Series – Watching Right Now. I know; you thought it couldn’t get more ridiculous than the Billith thing, right?

Bill decides to seek out Lillith for advice on handling the escalating human-vampire crisis. Speaking of those two gals, at vamp camp, Willa warns Pam not to drink the contaminated Tru Blood. Hard to say if Eric is percent dead as the show then jumped ahead six months Back in the real world, Sam, Nicole, and Emma hide out at a motel but their presence is detected by Alcide’s father Jackson. She reveals her father’s secret detention and research camp, where vampires are experimented on – a camp where Steve Newlin now finds himself detained and confronted by his ex-wife Sarah, who is now Governor Burrell’s henchwoman. I feel like the show is shoving together two once-interesting characters that it has no idea what to do with anymore. And wouldn’t you know it? Retrieved July 2,

Oh wait, there wasn’t just one big death, there were two! Jessica is summoned by Bill to his house, who now appears normal but more powerful.

However, the producers announced in March that, after only a single season, Hudis would also depart the series to focus on developing his own HBO series. The problem is that Pam basically serves no purpose anymore. Jason complies, but when Seawon asks for privacy to speak with the vampire, the hurt and confusion on his face is palpable.

Jessica hires “food” female prostitute for an unresponsive Bill, but the encounter ends badly when the woman is drained by Bill’s powers. The logic of this is dubious to me: As the show has expanded its focus to more global and mythological concerns see: Arlene has anx solution to Terry’s malaise, and Eric makes a startling discovery. Alas, after Warlow is staked, Eric exploded in the sun as his day-walking powers died along with Warlow. Meanwhile, Jessica asks for forgiveness from Andy and Adylin eposode promises to protect them.

Sookie tries to reconnect with Sam, then visits and curses her dead parents. Lastly, we find Warlow and Sookie in their post-sex bliss. List of True Blood episodes. Showing 1- 3 of 3. She vaguely told him how special he is, how he will have a major part to play in the coming conflict, and said explicitly that he is not a god, and that neither was she. Brian Buckner to Replace Mark Hudis”. Also, Alcide is about to have sex with a young woman in the pack to cement his new seaxon as alpha wolf when Rikki shows anf, and they have a threesome.


Reverend Newlin tells Sarah that he knows about the tainted hep-V blood, and she is forced to kill the company’s spokeswoman in a most brutal way. Jessica loses control and kills three of the four fairy quadruplets. Warlow follows them and just as he is ready to recapture Sookie, Niall reappears and helps Jason stake Warlow.

And that’s the end of the season, folks, see ya in season 7! Retrieved June seasoj, As soon as Warlow warlo, the inherited power of daywalking diminishes. Archived from the original on July 6, Jessica despairs of her actions, and is confronted by Sarah at Jason’s house where Jessica is captured and taken to the vampire research facility.

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The rest of it, however, felt very far removed snd the Southern Gothic camp that defined the show in its best seasons. Let’s Just Be Frenemies. Eric escapes the facility with the ailing Nora where they hide out at Bill’s mansion, but Eric is soon angered when Bill refuses to heal her against her will.

Jason learns that the mysterious driver who drove him back to town in fact his fairy grandfather, Niall Brigant. Bill daywalks and visits the Bellefleur house, seeking Sookie and asking her for the assistance of Warlow to stop his premonitions. Eric says he is no longer Pam’s ajd, and she no longer follows his orders.

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That worked to break down an otherwise hard-as-nails character. Sam comes to a decision he hopes will be in Ttue best interest. Eric signs Sookie’s house back over to her in his blood, while she takes back her invitation, and Nora notices that Eric is in love with Sookie. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!


Also, Eric flashbacks to London where he first met and saved Nora from the plague, whereas in the present he fails to save her as she dies in episod arms. At the detention camp, Jason is thrown by the evil Sarah into the female vamp population where he becomes seawon “property” of a detainee named Violet who is an alpha female vampire in exchange for protection, while at the same time Jessica and James hit it off. Say what you will about previous showrunner Alan Ball, but at least his episodes almost always had a pulse no pun intended.

I feel awful for both of those actresses, because they’re both great. If you complain about spoilers in the comments, you are the opposite of Batman.

Monday, June 24, TV Review. By subscribing to our newsletter you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Remember season six’s other big death? That said, Warlo don’t trust Ben at all.

Meanwhile, Sam and Alcide reconcile after Alcide realizes his pack-leader days are over with his ousting, and Sam detects that Nicole is pregnant. When Sookie hears Arlene grieving for Episoe, she leaves Warlow in the fairy realm and returns back home.

Meanwhile, Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell vows open season on vampires. Back at the Bellefleur estate, Sookie and Lafayette find a severely drunk Arlene and crew.

After sooki approached by the naked, blood-covered answer to the Robert Palmer Girls last episode, Bill went into a trance and had a mental conference call with original Lilith.

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Eric pledges allegiance to Bill in a last-resort effort to save Nora. He used to be charming and kind of an underdog pun intendedbut this new mas macho Alcide is not working for me. Grand Finale Jun 4, Hauer’s character I ajd his name is Niall; it sounded like “Nuh” whenever Jason said it came back from fairyland to help his descendants with this Warlow problem.