Emily Kinney as Beth Greene. I Am the Night. Current Episode aired 24 Feb. Rick struggles to cope. The Walking Dead is hitting its stride. It introduces five new characters that journalists expect to carry into Season Two.

Retrieved March 19, Retrieved February 20, This is way too well-made a series to be dubbed a “guilty pleasure,” even if a sizable percentage of the audience may watch purely for the visceral thrills of all that weekly bloodletting. Retrieved April 2, A New Frontier will incorporate player choices made in previous games in the series through existing save files; Telltale states they will offer multiple options for how players can bring in previous saves into the game, including for players that have switched their choice of platform prior to A New Frontier. Rick, aided by surviving prisoners Oscar and Axel in shutting down the alarms, discovers the walkers were lured through a breach in the prison fence by Andrew, and kills him. It’s atmospheric, tense and definitely not for the faint-hearted. Retrieved December 4,

Similar to the previous seasons, The Walking Dead: Tripp and Eleanor agree to help rescue Javi’s family. In an interview with IGN, Kirkman stated that the third season will bring the video game closer to the comic book’s current time frame at the time of its planned release. Aug 17, Full Review…. December 20, [1]. Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Following the Torn Apart series inanother set of webisodes titled Cold Storage were produced and debuted on October 1,prior to the premiere of Season 3.


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Lennie James as Morgan Jones. After the conclusion of the third season, Mazzara stepped down from his position as showrunner and sseason producer for the series, in a mutual agreement by both Mazzara and AMC.

May 30, [4] Nintendo Switch WW: Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori. Pollyanna McIntosh as Jadis. While evading capture, Michonne witnesses Glenn and Maggie scavenging for baby supplies for Lori’s child before they are captured by Merle, who recognizes Glenn as one of the members of his former group that abandoned him in Atlanta.

Steven Ogg as Simon. Players can direct the current character under their control around the environment, examine and interact with various scenery elements and collect and use objects to advance salking story. Clementine takes Javi to Prescott—a fortified community within an old airfield—where he is introduced to Tripp, Conrad, Francine, and Eleanor.

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Melissa McBride as Carol. Having grown aggressive over suspicion of Javi and Kate’s closeness, David fights his brother until walkers begin to close in on them. Filming for the season began in May in Videozee County, Georgiawith the city of Senoia being used as the filming location for the town of Woodbury.

Retrieved November 12, When AJ became deathly ill, Clementine attempted to steal medicine from Lingard to save his deax, but was caught by David. David Morrissey as The Governor.


The others tend carefully to Hershel’s health to make sure he does not turn. Such choices can affect how the other characters will later react to the player-character which can influence later events in the story.

After months on the run, the group take refuge in a federal prison, while elsewhere, Andrea’s health starts to deteriorate. The player can also initiate conversations with non-player characters via conversation trees.

Retrieved December 16, Please enter dezd email address and we will email you a new password. Lives are endangered when the group gets separated, while in Woodbury, Merle makes an appeal to the Governor. He then dexd Javi to his second-in-command, Ava, and the two meet a recovering Kate, whose relationship with Seqson is deteriorating.

Certain replies from other characters may offer the player multiple choices to select from, including the option to stay silent, with a limited amount of time to make the selection; if the player does not select an option, the conversation will continue as if they had stayed quiet.

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Puzzle Agent Puzzle Agent 2. Alanna Masterson as Tara Chambler. See also TV Schedule. The Walking Dead episodes.