Episode 6 by Helcat. With this , I’ll wait for the next Hana Kimi remake. I’ve always looked at idol group members as juvenile. Look at the new hairdo His ideal type is So Eun Seo who’s a ‘er. Because prior to the scene NONE of the people who knew jae hee’ about 4 people secret spilled it out.

The roomies head inside and the door closes on Eun-gyul. Looking back, it was kind of like watching a collection of cute animal clips on Youtube: Thanks for the recap! Without Kim Woo Bin, the drama went down a notch again When I saw the rape episode, I had high hopes for this drama and praised the writer for daring to touch a sensitive topic that people wanna normally burry. Minea A disclaimer would’ve been helpful, right?

He’s so cute when draaload gets jealous. Plus, Minyu’s character is a nun in training that grew up in the convent. Another looks a bit like a stalker to me with good intentions but wrong manners taking many pictures without her consent isn’t a bit like stalking?

I mean, I’m as grateful as the next ahjumma for the character inconsistency, but. Instead she made her own decision without any influence from him, so dramaloae though I can see him feeling guilty about it, ultimately it was a choice Zoe made to stay and not a choice Harry made for both of them.

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It was shapeless and the color was hideous! I had one doc wondering what the heck was on my desktop background Boys Before Flowers at that time and now everyone comes by to see what I’ll have next today Iljimae was replaced by Hello Baby because I needed some Yoogeunnie sweetness. Plus, we the viewer see the intention behind everything these guys do, she doesn’t see that.

They sit on a bench later beaitiful evening and Jae-hee reminds dramalosd that he should get back early if he wants to be in top form tomorrow. U R the best.


PS…sorry for the long post as my first comment. I also thought that the scriptwriters should put somemore life into Jae Hee’s character, I mean, I loved her at the beginning but she’s becoming pretty bland right now though probably because it’s more concentrated on Tae Joon and Eun Gyul’s feeling or whatever so she’s pushed back a little storyline wise.

I really want Soo Yeon to meet her mom. His assistant recognizes Jae-hee as the male student the other day and comments that she looks pretty feminine. Now I’m all into the “Taeminie, noona loves you”, so I’ll probably reach the Onew Condition pretty quickily. Oh the teenage angst — it just hurts so good.

Why would she trust a snake like Secretary Nam to do anything?

Ok, sometimes the JHK is a bit strange, but hey. That is why he cried while eating lunch with her mom. Sulli is a good actress, and the crying scenes are so convincing. I realized by the end of the 64 minutes, that I had smiled through most of the show. I don’t know why people don’t get it With drmaload way he responded, how could you still think Tae-joon doesn’t know? Figured they might have excluded him, but who knows?

To the Beautiful You Favorite. I was left hanging by the Jdrama ending. Since she was young, Hong Joo has had the ability to see bad events before they happen, but she is often unable to do anything about it.

epispde Positive – who wouldnt say that how cute Sulli is with that short hair. Download the latest version here. Another student, the high jumper rival of Kang Tae-joon, i.

Hehe I’m not sure of this but I thought that bit was actually possible. Please enter your username or email address. I still think Amber would have been better in this role!!

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I loved that hide-and-seek thingy. She just happens to like YSH much more. Poor Eatch returns to his room, pale-faced and glum. The cherries on top? In the manga, Ashiya does find her way into Sano’s bed not once, but several times, and I was wondering if they’d ever go there.


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She nods, still dying of laughter. And I get why she wants to stick to her belief that Tae Joon doesn’t know. Sulli was good too, but just wearing boys clothes doesn’t make you believable.

You are most welcome here, sir. Hyun Jae – his acting skills I have to say were top notch Times I burst out laughing when I wasn’t squealing and grinning from ear to ear. Yoochun is that much loved in Korea.

That look of confusion and disappointment on his face just about kills me. That way, Tae-jooni is also closer to Coach Holten in Canada. Not to mention the Korean cast was very very pretty.

She has had a crush on Jung Woo from the first meetingand this has blossomed into love not reciprocated at all. I could feel her fear.

So of the two girls, while Hanna is the one who tries to cling to Tae-joon, Jae-hee would rather let him go away if it’s to his advantage. Am I the only one that was laughing at the ridiculous Photoshop zoom of Minho’s eyeball with Jae Hae in it? I guess I view him as that lonely playboy character who’s still waiting for the love of his life to come along. Skip to primary content.

However was the manga character really supposed to be like her? This episode was the best one in the series.