Maybe an expansion one day? By the time I reached the Great Spyre, it was toned down a bit from what it was originally. Oct 09, Posts: After turning in a part of quest check if you got the XP or if you need to talk to someone else. I mean Storm has completed GH. My life on other hand level 61 was offered the Zafaria quest by Ambrose.

The defeat and collect quests. Or am I SOL? I really enjoyed all the different puzzles Krokotopia had to offer. However, unlike those prerequisite Sun spells where you just walked up to the trainer to learn said spell, with Colossal you have to earn it. Now, on to the colossal quest. With the drastic critical and block changes, I can see why KingsIsle might have wanted to scale back the difficulty.

The dreaded charred knife. Also, the mice were cute. Sep 12, Posts: Jan 18, Posts: Follow Iwzard101 for the latest news! Wizard has grown tremendously since Another little detail that I loved when I first encountered Ghost Avalon was that everybody was given a pet name while in owl form.

I am so sad. If stofyline eager to get to the new world and the lag is too bad, maybe it’s possible to take advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday. Maybe that’s what the problem is.

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A lot of people flew right through this world with ease. Although I liked the different elements and tricks, I thought it was a bit much to cram into one area. Elite Warrior on Jul 15, wrote:.


It may have been frustrating at the time, but I think it was a needed challenge. The long lonely walks. Azteca was by far my hardest world. The Hive had loads of cheating bosses. Vanessa Mythdust on January 30 Feb 25, Posts: I can’t wait till i get to go to Zafaria.

Can you please clarify things for me?

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If they are asking you to do a favor or something like that it is probably not the main storyline. Mar 12, Posts: Wintertusk, and now at Wysteria Heliphant tower, and yet no Zafaria quest.

If you have questions about this block, please contact us at community kingsisle. If she doesn’t have it, check back with Inyanga Whitestripes Zebra fellow you first see upon entering Zafaria. If it relates to some of the quests your doing that is probably the quest.

Maneuvering through the various prison cells oeder fun and who could forget that chase through the streets?! Woohoo, so glad Zafaria went live, because I missed my old friends in test realm. But, just in case Is it a main quest or a side quest? You answered your own question, young Wizard: I zafaira have up to the monstrous spell, but still, need to get the gargantuan spell before I can get the colossal spell.

In order to have access to a teleporter, you had to first walk to it and activate it yourself. The layout, the cut scene, and the huge dragon eye in the background made this instance feel worthy of the grand finale. Author Message Elite Warrior. Jun 17, Posts: Who gives the Through This Door quest and where? Oct 09, Posts: Storylien Wizard for the latest news! My life on other hand level 61 was offered the Zafaria quest by Ambrose.


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Questz, it looks like it might take a couple weeks before I can start again on my level 60, thanks. Taking some inspiration from Pirate, companion quest helpers were a welcoming addition.

After spending so much time underwater, the bright ib colors of the Floating Land made it stand out in a great way. I mean Storm has completed GH. Zafaria is a neat place and i’m sure KI has worked hard to bring it online, but there is a problem with it, see Oct 14, Posts: Follow Wizard for the latest news!

This means doing a quest to repair the Sun Trainer obelisk Here is the beginning quest title, who you need ni talk to and so forth: Seeing Grandmother Raven in person was a nice development in the Grizzleheim storyline. I also think it’s funny that Wizar101 finished posting a new thread 1 minute after yours appeared!

So far none of my other characters have this problem, just the storm.