On the other hand, Akanksha, who seems irritated with people taking the multi-tasking way, is happy with her way of handling life. Meanwhile, Maya’s parents reach Maya’s house and later distribute the gifts that they have got for their grandchildren. Meanwhile, Maya is busy at her saloon but seems excited about the pool party. The kids rush to their grandfather’s room and scream aloud, catch the attention of Maya and others. Adhiraj hosts the function and invites Maya and the children to dance on the stage. Jhanvi’s team is not happy upon learning that Jhanvi has not got the promotion that she deserves. Maya agrees to be at his office but she understands Jatin’s true intentions. Preet calls up Sona but Sona’s mother seems least interested in Preet and asks Tanya to handle the child.

However, Chaitanya himself does not seem happy with himself for writing the adult novel for the sake of money. Meanwhile, Jhanvi invites Kevin to her house while she is all alone. Shreya later expresses her desire to have Adhiraj host the entire function and after Adhiraj’s mother asks her son to see to Shreya’s happiness, Adhiraj is forced to listen to Shreya. Later, Tanya’s husband learns that Chaitanya has written an adult novel and is surprised to hear the same. The Queens precide over the entire ‘godh bharai’ event in their regional styles. Watch the entire episode of ‘Queens Hai Hum’ as the queens prepare for the Baywatch style pool party.

Later, Akanksha completes her sting operation and finds out that Aniket was with Tanya all this while. Later, the members of queens collect together for the function and Shreya is the most excited of the uam. Just then, Sona’s mother, Amrit, enters the house and she accuses Tanya of not taking care of Sona and not giving her enough food to eat.


Shodhan replies that he would only follow Jhanavi’s words and would shift when Jhanavi wants him to shift. Later, the ‘godh bharai’ event continues. However, Maya manages to handle the entire situation by decieving the ladies.

She thanks her husband for his help and goes on to call Akanksha to congratulate her.

Interestingly, what keeps them connected is their different characteristics and lifestyles and what binds them is their unique bond. Initially Jhanvi shows no interest in the same and expresses her disappointment at being removed from the project earlier. But Shreya does not seem confident enough to host the party. Watch Queens to know more.

Meanwhile, Aakanksha informs Maya about Chaitanya’s adult novel. 28, Jhanvi asks one of her staff members, Sweetie, to go on a blind date in her place and asks her to pretend to be her before the boy.

Kinjar, who is pretending to be Jhanvi, manages to handle the situation very well while the Queens watch the live session of the ongoing date and have a great time.

Queens Hain Hum Season 1. The guests arrive at the award function that will award the women of the year.

Queens Hain Hum – | Watch Queens Hain Hum (Hindi) TV Serial Online | ZEE5 | (Drama)

Tanya handles Chaitanya’s kids along with his and after a while, Chaitanya arrives. Later, Tanya speaks to Maya about the matter and at the same time, the guests enquire about the recipe for the dish. After Maya completes her episodf, Maya’s father calls up Avinash, who is still stuck in traffic and has not arrived at the event yet.

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Preet calls up Sona but Sona’s mother seems least interested in Preet and asks Tanya to handle the child. She feels bad that Avinash is not at the venue yet but she goes on to complete her speech and even leaves a message for the women of the nation. Watch the entire episode of Queens to know more. Akanksha learns that Chaitanya is ready with a new novel but she gets furious when she reads what he has written. Meanwhile, Tanya’s husband gets upset with his wife for calling up Sona but when he sees her crying, Tanya’s husband instantly consoles his wife.


She later realizes the complications that are attached to get constructions done on an agricultural land. Tanya invites Maya for her ‘godh bharai’ ceremony and states that the invitation is only a formality.

Jhanavi’s parents also asks Shodhan as to when he would be shifting to USA. Shodhan tells Jhanavi’s parents that he can wait as long as Jhanavi wants him to wait.

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However, Chaitanya informs her that he does not want to depend on her and wants to keep her happy. Aakanksha decides to conduct a sting operation against the company owned by Mittal Brothers and bring out the social evils like child labour and women exploitation, that the company is involved in. Next morning, Dev lovingly wakes up Tanya and praises her as he goes through her photographs of the previous night. But Maya gets furious when she hears Antara’s husband shouting at Antara for doing the makeup.

While it is decided that Aakanksha will buy a gift of her choice yzm their side, Shreya wonders how Tanya could get pregnant.