Beyond the Bottom Retrieved October 27, The student council receives a vote of no confidence and must face a recall election. After feuding with Yamada over the fate of the witches, Noa Takigawa falls in love with him. Lay summary — Tokyohive August 6, Retrieved August 22,

Yamada quickly learns that Maria Sarushima is a witch whose power is to see a glimpse someone’s future when she kisses someone. Retrieved from ” https: Shota no Sushi 2: She described the song as “cheerful and fun” and hopes it will liven up the show. As Yamada as Shiraishi undresses, a stalker takes a picture, so he follows him and beats down the stalkers. Yamada and Shiraishi try a body swap to get information from Miyamura but it does not work as he can easily see through it.

List of Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches characters.

Yamada Kun to 7 Nin no Majo Live Action Episode 01-08 [END] Subtitle Indonesia

During the actual ritual, Saionji feels chilly and wishes for panties, but that becomes the final wish, ondo that they won’t have another chance until the next year. Retrieved June 8, Yamada kun and the Seven Witches full episode 1 english subbed p.

The first chapter was published in ‘s 12th issue, released on Np 22, Barnwell 2 years ago. In the process of infiltrating the Japanese chess club, Yamada learns of a witch who was connected to his past. Zoku Episode 9 Subtitle Indonesia.

Kisah yang menceritakan tentang Ryu Yamada yang dikenal disekolah sebagai seorang berandal. Meanwhile, Miyamura distracts Yamazaki so that Yamada can check the office for the notebook. Mereka pun mencoba berbagai cara dan akhirnya menemukan 77-nin dengan berciuman mereka dapat berganti tubuh kembali. She agrees to help the club, and reveals the ripped page from the volume.


D Someone has to do it anyway: The club agrees to help, but during the test, Yamada gets really sick from some cookies Otsuka baked and ruins their chances.

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Dungeon and Fighter Senyu Senyu 2 Aiura Miss Monochrome: Yamada learns of a “witch killer”, that is, someone who can take away a witch’s power. Kyoukai no Rinne Episode 9 Subtitle Indonesia. Ito takes Yamada to a closed-off room, but they learn from Odagiri who is with Ushio Igarashi that there is a captivation power that is the cause of this.

I don’t know why anymore Rika explains that she and Leona used to be friends and discovered the notebooks concerning the witches, but when she kisses Leona, she makes her forget. Back at their club room they experiment and learn that Yamada has the ability to copy the power. However, when Urara suddenly disappears from his life along with the witches powers and everyone else’s memories of her, Yamada discovers she was the original witch.

Urara had agreed to the witch powers in order to have a relationship with Yamada, but on the condition that her memories of him to be erased again when she leaves school.

The two try to reverse the change yamada-un discover that kissing triggers the body swap. Sub Abid Nurul Hakim 5 years ago. The club encounters other “witches” with different powers that are activated with a kiss.


Views Read Edit View history. They come up with an idea: When student council exec Isobe arrives, Yamada swaps places with him.

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Shota no Sushi 2: Fuuka Domestic Girlfriend Tsuredure Children. It concluded on February 22, after running for exactly 5 years. Yamada quickly learns that Maria Sarushima is a witch 7-nij power is to see a glimpse someone’s future when she kisses someone.

He walks past her, but then slips and crashes into her. The series has been licensed in Chinese by the Taiwanese publishing company Tong Li.


The average rating 7-nni the series was 6. Zoku Yamadakun to Nananin no Majo. When told this, Asuka sneaks a kiss on Yamazaki but they discover she does not turn invisible to him, which makes him the witch killer. Retrieved August 22, Anime and Manga portal.

Katori no Nazotoki File — Hanebado! Retrieved from ” https: At first, only half of the girls agree to do it, but the others eventually join. However when he kisses Saionji, he will forget everything concerning the witches.